● Price is for an unlimited license ( as a PORTABLE application ), for only $89.95 US $69.95 US
● Price is for an 5 users license ( activation via Internet ) for only $59.95 US $39.95 US
● Price is for an 1 user license ( activation via Internet ) for only $34.95 US $19.95 US
● Price for source code for 249.95$ US
Installation requirements

● This program works on  Windows XP - Vista -  7 - 8 - 8.1 and 10
● 5 and 1 users registration require that this program to have access to internet HTTP and FTP ports for activation.
    (Therefore set your firewall accordingly)
● Web update from main menu function
● German version of the program, including the help file.
● French version of the program, including the help file.
DBF Drivers

● On DBFNTX driver, if an index exist with the same name as the DBF, it is opened automatically.
● For foreign languages using the (",") comma as decimal separator and when OEM indices (CLIPPER) are used.
   There is now a new "Full Compatible box" in the option dialog window. This is to insure that the indices has a (".") dot
   to be fully compatible with clipper convention.
● FoxPro DBFCDX, Clipper DBFNTX, Dbase IV DBFMDX, and CDXDBV, NTXDBV, MDXDBV for FlexFile 3 users.
● You have an auto RDD detection option.
● You can convert DBF file from CAVO26-27 format to CAVO25 format to be compatible with old Clipper format and
   other external DBF programs.
● Safe copy of a database. To repair damaged memo or object fields.
● From the Shell window, you can call a DBF Repair Manager. It will scan the header and the records and if there are
   some errors, will ask you to correct them


● Creation and printing of a calculated field from numeric fields.
● Printing contains sub-pages to include all DBF fields (except memo and object fields). Those pages have Count/Total
   and cumulative Count/Total on each pages.
● When printing a DBF, if you check the HTML check box into the Header-Footer dialog, the printing will generate
   and .html file and your internet browser will be automatically called.
● When printing a DBF, if you check the PDF check box into the Header-Footer dialog, the printing will generate
    and .pdf file and your acrobat reader will be automatically called.
● The program keeps the Page Size, Page Orientation and the Margins of your last printing job.


● Full Multiple Tabs Windows view, therefore each DBF as his own tab.
● You can toggle view from Browse view to Form view on the fly with the F2 key.
● You can toggle view from Full Multiple Tabs to Standard View Window on the fly with the F3 key.
● You can toggle view from Full Multiple Tabs to Standard View Window on the fly with the F3 key.
● You can save and open a project. It remembers all your opened DBFs, indexes, relations, filters, marked records and your
   last opened window.
● Last open files has been increased to 10. If the file has been deleted than it does not appear anymore in the list. Also files
   are sorted from  last open file to the oldest open file.
● There is a drop down toolbar menu to quickly set a filter on deleted and none deleted records.
● Edition of database object fields.
● Text File Editor.
● RTF File Editor for external files and memo fields.
● Array Editor ( for DBFCDX , NTXDBV , CDXDBV, MDXDBV memo driver).
● Renaming of fieldname or Field Type on the fly.
● Marking of multiple records that can be deleted / recall / lock / unlock / create database from the marked records.
● Copy/Paste record, including object, record from within database or other opened databases. ( If Field Name match )
● Copy/Paste field ,including object field, field from within database or other opened databases. ( If Field Type match ).
● Filter the marked records on the Filter dialog.
● Internal explorer style ini file editor.
● Switching from share to exclusive mode and vice versa without closing and reopening the DBF. It is done in background.
Special Index Function

● Marking of DUPLICATE records, when an index is "ON".

● New memo search function, the result can be edited. ( Text, Rtf and Arrays ) Text and Rtf found
    items can be exported to files.
● The Go to, Seek, Find and Fast Search windows are modeless, therefore they can be left
    open *and* we can edit the database. They always stay on top.
● Very fast text search of a database. The result gives the record number and highlight the field.
● Find Dialog that can search a string through all databases fields with the AllInstr() function.

Attributes of files

● Changing Date/Time/Attributes of any single or multiple files.
Other very interesting options

● Deleted and marked rows in the browse views can be highlighted to the color of your choice from the option dialog.
● Import/export of .CSV and XML files
● Import/export, from/to Visual FoxPro
● Generation of array code from a DBF. Very useful when you want to fill a combo box at compile time.
● Opening single or multiple files, drag and drop DBF files from the File Explorer. The program use in this case the
   default driver and the exclusive mode settings.
● Creation of your own external UDF DLL file.( User define functions )
● Program can be opened at the DOS prompt with or without a DBF file. The program use in this case the default driver
    and the exclusive mode settings.
● The date display and editing follow the short date of the control panel. If year is set to 2 digits, the program converts it
    to 4 digits year. This is done automatically either in OEM or ANSI databases.
● Create a Test Database, including Memo and Object fields, with random data.
● DBCalc function that gives count, min, max, avg and sum of numeric fields.
● DBTotal function that gives the numeric total of numeric fields.
● On DBTotal function, you can choose display fields .
● Places bar on Open File/Save File dialogs for Windows version >= 5.1 ( XP or later)
License agreement:

Copyright © 1996-2019 by Jean Raymond (  All rights reserved.


Disclaimers: The author gives no warranty as to the contents of this document or the software contained herein, and specifically  disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any  particular purpose. The author will not be liable for indirect, special, consequential or other damages resulting from the use of this product. The author reserves the right to make changes to the specifications of this software product and contents of its documentation electronically or printed without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes.

Distribution: This program executable, help file, DLL and related text files may be distributed freely and may be used without fee by any individual. However you agree to pay  the registration fee if you want to get rid of the register warning window. A registration file or an activation code will be sent to you to unlock that feature.This version of cmVodbx32 may not be distributed as a part of any commercial package.
You cannot distribute or copy a registered version for anyone. Licenses are per users basis.(See Users registration definition, below)
Unlimited License ( Portable application ) must be used for internal company use only.

Internal company use definition:
-All company computers including lap tops-Home computers as long as you still working for the company-Customers sites computers for the duration of the work.

Users registration definition:
Is an ID from Current Computer Name, Current User Name and Network Station Name.Any changes from the above definition will require a new registration.

CmVodbx32 Software

Dbf file viewer and dbf editor software

This shareware program is a database manager for ".DBF" file format. It has 30 days limit of free trial.

It is written in CA Visual Object 2.8 SP3 and  ClassMate 2.09 code and is intended to be the Fastest  Window .DBF database manager on the market.

Source Code for cmVodbx32 is now available (See the Purchase page).

German language DLL, help file and language source code for cmVodbx32 (See Download page). Many thanks to Boris Cornet for German translation.

French language DLL, help file and language source code for cmVodbx32 (See Download page).

Current version is -  2019-02-12

New exciting Memo Search, no other DBF managers can offer that... see below...

Batch command line file (Batch-cmVodbx32.exe) , to export .DBF file to .CSV file text file...

Batch command line file (BLOBExtract.exe) , to copy DBV File from string pointer, into FoxPro MEMO FPT file...
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